• VTEX

    Now - 2021

    I'm currently at VTEX developing for the future of e–commerce and building the FastStore UI system for storefronts.

  • Guava Software

    2021 - 2017

    I developed proprietary software for the energy sector, dental practice, e–commerce and NGOs.

  • Freelance Work

    2017 - 2012

    My freelancer work is mostly branding, motion, and graphic design. I Developed uncountable Visual systems for Local and International brands.

  • Blackninja

    2017 - 2010

    Worked as an Art Director creating visuals for the 2014 Brazilian Wordcup, Coca Cola, local townhall and government sponsored events.

I'm Exploring

Design, for me, has always been about exploring possibilities. Either in Print, Code, or Beyond, you'll find me exploring new tools and ways to bring amazing things into existence.

Recent Exploration

  • AR Filters

    Instragram filter experiment

  • Animation

    Short animation clip for a local band

  • Getting Physical

    Music and Figma Prototipation

  • Creative Coding

    Touchdesigner initial studies

  • Skeumorphism

    Recreating physical buttons in Figma

  • Illustration

    Surrealist experiments


Selected Works in Product and Visual Design.

I've been Around

+11 Years Creating Brands, Digital Products, Print, Engaging Visuals, Illustrations and Animations.

  • Product Designer

    You'll Find me Between Product...

    I've been a Generalist Product Designer for the past 6 Years. Recently I developed a deep interest in UI Engineering. Interaction, UI, and High Fidelity Prototyping are where I feel comfortable. Building Cohesive Design Systems are my main focus right now.

  • Visual Designer

    ... and Graphic Design.

    I'm a Graphic Designer from day one. Being able to Inspire, Communicate, and Juggle Color and Typography to convey brand or product goals are always present in my day-to-day work.

  • New Technologies

    Or in both

    Design can constantly adapt and find new spaces to breathe, and I look forward to combining all the gained knowledge to solve problems for the fast-paced new industries in XR, VR, Blockchains, and Automation.